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High impact corporate catering and dining services.

If you want to impress your delegates with high quality, locally-sourced, sustainable food and exceptional service then Dimblebee are the right choice for your event. 

Our bespoke menus allow you to be creative but supported by our Executive Chef to give advice on what will best match your event theme and business needs.  

We are passionate about our business which makes us passionate

about yours.  

Being a well-established family business means we can empathise with the importance of reputation and how an event makes your

delegates feel.

At Dimblebee, we believe food isn't just about the break out session or feeding hungry delegates we think it is so much more! A chance to showcase the quality of your business and a chance to delight and entertain your colleagues. We offer traditional food with a modern and eye-catching twist. 

To discuss your requirements, give us a call on 0116 283 3327 or email one of our Event Managers:

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Why Choose Dimblebee For Your Corporate Event?

  • Dimblebee has over 10 years of experience creating large and small events.

  • Our prestigious client portfolio and testimonials speak for themselves. 

  • Our Front of house service teams are consistent, professional and friendly, ensuring your guests are looked after from the moment they arrive.

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